Set the criteria for your stock scan. Some values are pre-set, so that you'll get a decent selection to start with. If you rather like to start from scratch, click reset.

  • Performance:
  • Set the minimum level of performance composite. Usually, you would want to set
    this very restrictive in a booming economy, and more liberate in slow times.
  • Technical:
  • Set criteria based on technical analysis level. If you're looking for
    trendline breaks, this is your criteria. More technical filter are coming soon.
  • Exchange:
  • Include stocks from selected exchange only. If this is not set,
    all stocks traded on NYSE, NASD and AMEX are included.
  • Sector:
  • If set, include stocks from selected sector only.
  • Industry:
  • If set, include stocks from selected industry only. Note: if set,
    filter by Sector will be ignored as filter by Industry is more restrictive.
  • Price:
  • to
  • Narrow search by min/max price. Eg. all stocks
    between $50 and $100 Dollars per share.
  • Volume:
  • to
  • Narrow search by min/max volume. Eg. all stocks that trade
    at an average volume between 100k and 300k shares per day.