About Chartscan

Finding tomorrows winners among several thousands of stocks is a daunting task, especially for traders that combine chart pattern with fundamental analysis.

Chartscan is a tool that makes this task a lot easier to filter stocks with good fundamentals and then to enable quick scanning of the resulting stocks chart pattern.

Institutions move stocks based on strong fundamentals and chart pattern setup. With our stock scanner, you can filter out weak companies, only browse strong stock charts and spot winning stocks before they move up.

We are helping swing and day traders who are active in the markets and believe that a combination of fundamental company performance statistics paired with strong chart pattern that have a solid base are the best recipe for success.

Get started by reading our quick intro with essential steps on how to trade stocks, two steps on how to pick stocks and if you're new to chart patterns, Chartpattern Explained gets you up to speed to become an expert breakout trader.

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